It’s easy to buy a Tuxedo Prepaid Card. First, decide whether you need a General Spend Card (Tuxedo Prepaid MasterCard® Prepaid Card) for everyday purchases and budgeting, or a Travel Currency Card (Tuxedo Travel MasterCard® Prepaid Card) for cost-effective and secure payments while abroad. Tuxedo Travel Cards are available in Euro, US Dollar and Sterling currencies.

Both cards use the MasterCard payment network and are accepted at over 32 million locations worldwide and customers can withdraw cash from over 1.5m ATMs wherever the MasterCard Acceptance Mark is displayed. They provide a secure and convenient payment method with all the ease of a credit card coupled with less risk as they are not linked to bank accounts. Please click here to buy a Tuxedo General Spend Card or click here to buy a Tuxedo Travel Currency Card.

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