The AA has partnered with Tuxedo to deliver two MasterCard® prepaid card solutions.

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Tesco use the Tuxedo MasterCard Prepaid Card as a payroll solution for a small section of staff. It is an easy solution for paying their employees, particularly those who do not have bank accounts or are employed on temporary contracts, and avoids tedious administrational duties whilst reducing cash and cheque handling costs.

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Phones 4U

The Escape Travel Money MasterCard Prepaid Card offers the ability to move and withdraw money abroad. Customers can choose to add travel money to their card and then move to their Euro, Dollar or Sterling (Not India) as they wish. Read More


STA Travel, the global travel specialist, partnered with Tuxedo to offer th STA Travel MasterCard® Prepaid Card. With a personalised STA Travel branded card, travellers have a convenient alternative to carrying cash, exchanging currency and using travellers cheques abroad. Read More


NovoPay, a leading payments technology business, partnered with Tuxedo to launch the unique eccount® platform in the Middle East. Read More


The  SLC  Group,  an  organisation  providing  housing  related  and  specialist  community  care  support services, has partnered with Tuxedo Money Solutions, a leading prepaid card provider, to offer its clients and support staff a new safe, convenient and easy to use payment solution.

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