The AA

Mark Huggins, Managing Director of AA and Saga Financial Services comments

Having conducted an extensive review of the UK Prepaid Card market and its key players, the AA selected Tuxedo Money Solutions as its Prepaid Card partner. Tuxedo’s expertise, the strength and flexibility of its eccount platform and the importance Tuxedo places on partnerships were the key factors behind our decision.

Following its appointment, Tuxedo helped us get to market quickly. As well as providing the AA with a market leading Travel Currency Card, Tuxedo was able to build a fully bespoke prepaid product for AA Members who were unsuccessful in their application for an AA Credit card. It is very important for the AA that all of our members are able to access the compelling rewards programme which had previously only been available to our credit card customers.

In order to effect this, Tuxedo successfully and seamlessly integrated with the AA, Bank of America, our credit card partner, and HRG, our rewards provider.

We have been very pleased with Tuxedo’s performance to date. Tuxedo operates with a level of professionalism usually associated with large financial institutions combined with the speed and agility you would expect from a smaller, entrepreneurial business.


Ian Swain, Product Director Northern Europe and Africa at STA Travel comments

As global travel experts we always aim to offer products and services that are of real benefit to our customers. The card has already enjoyed excellent success in the UK as a safe and cost effective alternative to cash/credit for our customers to spend abroad. We are now planning to extend the card to Germany to allow even more of our customers to enjoy the benefits of the travel card. Tuxedo was an obvious choice when we first decided to offer our customers this increasingly popular prepaid spending method and we are pleased that we will continue to partner with Tuxedo to facilitate the international expansion of the card.


Paul Smith, Managaing Director of E.Z. Pay Ltd commented

E.Z. Pay Ltd was set up by Phones 4u with the specific purpose of launching Prepaid cards within the group. As MD of E.Z. Pay Ltd I conducted a “beauty parade” of the leading lights in the prepaid industry. I met with Issuing Banks, Payment Processors and Programme Managers numbering approximately a dozen companies.

We had a very specific vision for our cards which we envisaged would serve our three main demographic strata across three separate card programmes. The combined target market volume that Phones 4u served in our 500+ stores amounted to approximately 150,000 customers per month.

It became very apparent very quickly that Tuxedo Money Solutions were the ideal partner. Their attitude was “can do” and they displayed the same entrepreneurial spirit that is an essential part of the Phones 4u ethos. Quite apart from this, as a part of our due diligence it became apparent that Tuxedo had built their IT security, scalability and professional standards upon foundations that a large corporate would have been proud of. Importantly, Tuxedo had not fallen into the trap of allowing their robustness of operation to control their commercial acumen.

Tuxedo were an integral part of Phones 4u going from a zero card base to 250,000 cards issued within 12 months – I can confidently state that this simply would not have happened without them.

Inevitably we encountered the unexpected along our journey and found that in the face of testing issues we had indeed chosen the ideal partner.

As a group we are now at the juncture of increasing our card issuance by treble the amount that we have been issuing per annum and Tuxedo remain at the centre of and an integral part of that expansion.

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