The  SLC  Group,  an  organisation  providing  housing  related  and  specialist  community  care  support services, has partnered with Tuxedo Money Solutions, a leading prepaid card provider, to offer its clients and support staff a new safe, convenient and easy to use payment solution.

The SLC Group (Supported Living in the Community) provides supported living and specialist community support for people with  learning disabilities, physical and sensory disabilities, mental health needs and autism. Their support staff work closely with individuals and families to offer a personalised approach to lifestyle management, whilst promoting choice and independence.

The SLC Group  looks for unique ways to support people through maximizing opportunities for freedom of choice and  individual control, particularly with regard  to  individual budgets –  this new prepaid card offers a simple solution. The Tuxedo MasterCard® Prepaid Card allows management to load the desired amount on to the card which can then be used to make purchases providing a convenient alternative to carrying around cash. Not only does this  deliver a controlled spending tool, but there is also a full transaction history available and improved processing costs and times.

SLC manage the funds via a central, easy to administer, electronic wallet system.  The facility enables the administrator to allocate the appropriate funds to the nominated cards in seconds, 24 hours a day.

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