STA Travel, the global travel specialist, partnered with Tuxedo to offer th STA Travel MasterCard® Prepaid Card. With a personalised STA Travel branded card, travellers have a convenient alternative to carrying cash, exchanging currency and using travellers cheques abroad.

The STA Travel cash card is a cost-effective alternative to using credit or debit cards abroad – it is free to load by bank transfer (fees apply to other loading mechanisms), there are no usage fees when using the card abroad (2.95% in the UK), the card can be used at 32 million locations where MasterCard cards are accepted and it can be topped up with wages earned abroad or by friends and family in the UK.

The STA Prepaid Travel MasterCard costs travellers £19.95 to purchase (with £10 cashback) from the STA Travel website or any of their branches in the UK. There are no credit checks and customers are automatically provided with the eccount® facility where funds are safely held and moved to the card. Balances can be checked 24 hours a day and the card can be instantly blocked or cancelled if lost or stolen. Based on a MasterCard prepaid platform, the travel cards are not linked to a bank account.

Ian Swain, Product Director Northern Europe and Africa at STA Travel comments

As global travel experts we always aim to offer products and services that are of real benefit to our customers. The card has already enjoyed excellent success in the UK as a safe and cost effective alternative to cash/credit for our customers to spend abroad. We are now planning to extend the card to Germany to allow even more of our customers to enjoy the benefits of the travel card. Tuxedo was an obvious choice when we first decided to offer our customers this increasingly popular prepaid spending method and we are pleased that we will continue to partner with Tuxedo to facilitate the international expansion of the card.

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