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Payments Cards and Mobile Payments Industry Intelligence

Payments Card and Mobile is an award winning, leading payments publication that covers every aspect of the international card, mobile, and contactless payments business. 11,000 copies of their magazine keep industry leaders and payment experts up to date with the very latest developments, whilst the magazine is also distributed to all the relevant major global conferences and exhibitions. Read a summary of their industry offering below.

Personal relationships are the established hallmarks of payment cards and mobile. One that cements a commitment to working closely with customers; helping them navigate a growing, fragmented and competitive market. It’s also a pledge that welcomes new customers with a dedicated professionalism that’s second to none through consistently delivering excellence in publishing, research, consulting, PR, marketing and branding, and corporate video production.

In producing quality information – while also providing a variety of ways in which this information can be consumed – Payment Cards and Mobile provides customers with the highest quality data, enabling them to position their business and key personnel to full strategic potential in this increasingly competitive market place.

Research Streams

Payments Cards and Mobile research offers comprehensive, in-depth research into topics that are relevant and tailored to any one customer’s needs. Coupled with an in-house research facility availability for short-term projects, they provide specialist coverage in M&A activity, market entry data, country report analysis and statistics. There are equally comprehensive research reports available on banking, payments and mobile payments worldwide.

Topics range across: measurement of efficiency and performance, card related information, the role of brands in banking and the impact of non-banks, such as retailers and Internet Giants, on the financial services and mobile financial services market.

Payments Cards and Mobile offers specific research on all aspects of banking, card payments, Issuing/Acquiring, financial services and the mobile financial services market.

For example:

  • Information on a particular market or a pan-European comparison of particular segment.
  • Market evaluation for product or company launch
  • Vendor shortlist for RFP
  • Mobile payments and NFC specialists

Customers also find that through their partners Payments Cards and Mobile offer flexible user-friendly information packages – billed in a tiered manner – that allow for maximum efficiency at a reasonable budget.

Contact Information

Alex Rolfe, Managing Director, Payments Cards and Mobile,, +44 7765 892 664

Horst Förster, Head of Research, Payments Cards and Mobile,, +49 (2235) 952 634

Wendy Sanders, Head of Business Development, Payments Cards and Mobile,, +44 1263 711801

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