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Serving over 37 million customers each year Travelex continues to grow its global network, online presence and expand the product range to offer best in market FX solutions to customers. 


To build out the product range and test new product concepts, Travelex partnered with us to deliver the Visa branded Supercard, a new way for UK travellers to avoid debit and credit card roaming fees and charges when spending abroad.  Travellers don't load the card with cash, they connect their existing debit or credit card to it. When they spend overseas it does the foreign exchange conversion and charges their debit or credit card in pounds.

Travelex's new unique Supercard app and card combo will make it simple for travellers to spend money abroad without losing cash to any registration, administration or usage fees.  This will make it the most competitive card for UK travellers to use abroad.

The payment card is chip and pin protected and if the worst happens and the card is lost or stolen, travellers can use the app to block it there and then.


Sean Cornwell, chief digital officer at Travelex said: “Supercard is a brilliant example of how technology can make consumers lives easier. The Supercard app will be the perfect travel companion, keeping track of what you’ve spent and the money you've saved on exchange fees.

"Using a Supercard lets you forget about the normal charges that apply to using your bank card abroad. Our approach to digital is simple – we put the customer first. They chose when, why and how they buy so our aim is to create seamless and convenient digital products to meet their needs.”