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Thanks to our combination of industry knowledge, expertise and flexibility, we offer a wide range of prepaid solutions to suit the demands of many diverse sectors.

Small and Medium Sized Businesses

We can help small or medium sized business keep things cost-effective and efficient with our range of electronic payment solutions that are ideal for corporate expenses, corporate travel, payroll or colleague rewards.


Mobile phone payments offer a safe, secure way to make and accept payments using an existing framework that's rapidly becoming adopted in areas where debit or credit card transactions are not suitable.

We're working at the forefront of this area in partnership with a number of telecoms companies to develop and offer a range of alternative, forward-thinking and mobile payment solutions.


The Scrap Metal Dealers Act meant that scrap merchants and vehicle recyclers needed an alternative payment method to cash. Utilising our market leading eccount® solution, we offer a simple, specialist and cost-effective prepaid and trackable solution to help keep the scrap industry compliant.


Every charity works hard to increase donations whilst efficiently controlling internal funds to minimise expense. Tuxedo can help with the first of these essentials by providing cards for your supporters that generate cashback every time they’re used to purchase goods or services; and with the latter by offering prepaid cards as an alternative to cheques, vouchers or bank transfers to give you complete control over how your funds are spent.

  • Charity cashback cards can generate up to £500,000 annual income from just 5,000 cards
  • Prepaid cards are a smart alternative to cash and can be used in the UK or abroad

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