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We're constantly working to make payments smarter for our clients. Using the latest technology backed by some of the best brains in the business, we pride ourselves on the innovative solutions we deliver that make a tangible difference for our clients; solving problems, delivering cost savings and driving additional revenue.

Innovative Payments

Looking beyond the norm, we are able to offer a range of solutions, from different payment forms, to the integration of cards with other services, to the creation of added value benefits. The flexibility and versatility of our systems has enabled us to create payment solutions that not only support virtual cards and SIM integration but allows us to payment enable kiosks and wearable payment devices such as wrist bands and key fobs.


LiveLoad® is a suite of functionality that enables  Prepaid Cards to be loaded by multiple means, from multiple sources. Options include prepayment; multiple forms of auto-top up; instant payments and post payment. The clever bit is removing the need to pre-fund a card before making a payment – something other prepaid cards can’t do.

The eccount Platform

How do we do this? We simply use our own proprietary platform to create a variety of market leading payment solutions. Our eccount® platform is extremely versatile, scalable and resilient which makes the creation of different payment solutions simple and easy.

Not only that but by using this platform as a payments 'switch' we can bring together all aspects of the e-money, payments and servicing eco-system to deliver a service which integrates with payment networks, ancillary service providers, customer interfaces and clients' in-house systems.

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